Novels of the American West


Image of J. T. Fleming    J.T. Fleming
My work as a frontier/western author started in 1996 with a short story/final for a creative writing course at Weber State University. I had been reading some Utah history that explored the impassibility of Ogden Canyon before Lorrin Farr and Issac Goodale surveyed the road in 1857. With that idea and a little what if thinking, I penned a 30 page story for my final exam. After graduation, I decided to get serious and do a novel. It seemed only natural to take the theme of the short story and work it into a novel.

I ended up with three western / mystery novels… Tracks of a Pigeon-toed Horse ,  The Obsidian Serpentand MourielSomewhere along the line the plan changed, and now I’m working toward a series of at least five books… possibly more. And while each novel is a separate mystery that can stand on its own, the back story is one that takes the main characters of the series on a journey of self-discovery they never expected.

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Ogden, Utah, in 1874.

Ogden, Utah, in 1874. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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