Novels of the American West

Recommended Authors


                                           Always Coming Home
                                                      Sotto Voce



Longrie writes with style!
Longrie’s tale of a woman whose idyllic life is turned upside down by the return of an old boyfriend and the mysterious touch of a supernatural power drew me in. I could feel Melissa’s struggle to find a way to make life come together in a way that would give her both of the worlds she wanted so badly.
This story was worth reading. The plot was intriguing, and the characters were interesting and real. I enjoyed the setting and the conflict as the main character struggled to balance the two most important aspects of her life…the joy of home and a need for love and companionship. With a touch of the supernatural for a twist, this is a great story.
Believable and interesting characters…
An interesting plot….
Good writing!
Longrie could have made this a novel!

J.T. FLEMING  11/7/13

P.L. Crompton

Review: 6/9/15   by J.T. Fleming

Briton of the 5th century A.D. is under Roman control, and fifteen-year-old Ninian is caught up in events that will change her world forever. Drawn by her Celtic origins into an ancient religion, Ninian grows in knowledge and power until her peers cast her out of their society for refusal to make human sacrifice. Struggling to survive in a world now turned against her, Ninian finds help among the Romans until at last, she must face powerful adversaries in a struggle between light and darkness.

This book is a well written, enjoyable read. Crompton’s characters are well developed, and their struggle believable. If you’re looking for dry, historical fact, this is not the book. Crompton weaves history, legend and a touch of fantasy into a tale reminiscent of Mary Stewart’s The Crystal Cave. Although one romantic scene was too graphic for my taste, overall, the tale was interesting and well worth reading.




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